How do I make the best tea?

Making The Best Tea

Each tea is unique and therefore requires specific steeping instructions which you should find on the package. Please adhere to the suggested time, temperature and tea measurement for your first tea steeping. If needed, adjust to your preferences.  

  • If it is steeped too hot or too long, tea (Camelia sinensis) can become bitter and can increase caffeine intake. Herbal blends are not as susceptible to changes in heat or length of steeping time and can easily be adjusted as desired.

  • If you measure too much tea, the result could be too strong and the delicate, unique flavors will be overwhelmed by bitterness. If you measure too little tea, then the full depth of characteristics will not be revealed.


Certain teas can be steeped multiple times. If indicated on the bag, be sure to try multiple steepings of the same leaves. With each steeping, you may discover new aromas and tastes!

Quick Temperature Guide*

  • Use boiling water (212F) for most black teas and herbal blends.

  • Use 195 - 212F for most dark teas (including puerh).

  • Use 185 - 195F for most oolongs.

  • Use 175 for most green teas.

  • Use 165° for most white teas.

* Be sure to use the instructions specific for your tea as shown on the package label.

Happy sipping! - Georgia Rayna, Certified Tea Sommelier