2013 Yicha Shou Puerh Brick, 50g

Tea Image

When steeped traditionally, the liquor is bright and clear.  This puerh has a molasses aroma and a comforting, smooth mouth feel.  Serve as a dessert tea; excellent when paired with white bean buns.
(Brick dimensions: 2.5 x 2.5 x 1 inches)  (Yields vary depending on quantity used per cup.)


Steeping Instructions

1 rounded tsp. / 8 oz. water at 200°-210° F for 30 seconds or more to desired taste.


We recommend a first infusion of 5-10 seconds with 212°F water to rinse and awaken the leaves; this brings out the flavors and characteristics on subsequent steepings.  Add 5 seconds with each additional steeping