Elderberry Elation

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A naturally caffeine-free fruit and flower blend, this herbal tisane has a refreshingly sweet, tart flavor. The body is zesty and thick. The liquor is very thirst quenching, but not overly sweet.  The berry flavor lingers on the palette. 

Hibiscus adds a tart dimension to the blend which makes it very refreshing. The currants give the tea distinctive characteristics: black currants for fruitiness and red currants for a zing of tangy flavor. Finally, the added raisins lend a sweetness that is further enhanced by natural flavoring.

Elderberry Elation can be enjoyed hot or iced and sweetened to taste.  For a summertime drink, this tisane is hard to beat as a refreshing beverage, or pour it into popsicle forms and freeze lightly-sweetened Elderberry Elation for a frozen treat.

(Yields approx. 13 servings per 2 oz.)


Ingredients: elderberry, raisin, red and black currant pieces, hibiscus petals, natural flavor


Steeping Instructions

2 slightly heaping tsp. / 8 oz. water at 212° F for 7-10 minutes