Ms. Zhao's 2009 Shou Puerh

Tea Image

This handmade cooked puerh tea is made by Ms. Zhao Yu Ji and her family. Its liquor is bronze/red, rich, thick, and bright with flavor notes reminiscent of dark chocolate. Steep multiple times and experience how the flavor evolves with each steeping. (Yield: 8 sessions per 20 grams, when using a 140ml gaiwan.)


Ingredients: Yunnan China puerh tea


If you would like to purchase a full beeng cha (cake), please contact us.


Steeping Instructions

Steeping: 2.5 grams in small (140ml) gaiwan at 200° F: after initial rinse, steep 20 seconds; then, add 5 seconds for each additional steeping.


(Additional steeping instructions will be provided with purchase.)