Sparrow's Tongue

Tea Image

When made properly, tea liquor is very smooth with little astringency.  It has a delicate flavor; slightly creamy and vegetal.   (Yield: approx. 24 servings per 2 oz.)

Ingredients: Chinese green tea

Pu Jiang Que She is a specialty tea of Pu Jiang county in Sichuan Province, China. Que She, which literally translates to Sparrow's Tongue, is one of China's geographically indicated products. It is the earliest harvested green tea in the region. The raw leaves of this tea have strict requirements, consisting of one bud and one to two tender leaves for each picking.  As you can see from the photo, the dry leaf resembles a sparrow’s tongue, which gives the tea its name.


Steeping Instructions

1 rounded tsp. / 8 oz. water at 180°-195° F for 2-4 minutes