Longjing has more than 1000 years of recorded history. The hand processing of this Dragonwell produces neat flat leaves that, when infused, yield a lingering buttery flavor with vegetal notes. (Yeild: approx. 32 servings per 2 oz.)


Ingredients: green tea

Dragonwell / Longjing

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  • Steeping Instructions

    1 rounded tsp. / 8 oz. water at 170°-175° F for 1-3 minutes

  • Tea Production

    Longjing has four unique qualities: color/luster, aroma, taste and its delicate shape. The delicate shape comes from the plucking of two leaves and a tender bud. After plucking, the leaves are spread out and kept in the shade for one to three hours to be air-dried. The last step of the process is pan-firing the leaves which stops oxidation and removes moisture. During the pan-firing process, the leaves are hand-pressed against a wok for several minutes.