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What's with the name, you ask? Our Tea Sommelier has watched the popularity of this style of oolong rise within the last few of years, and she wants to find out what the hype is all about. Come share a tea experience you won't soon forget, and discover the legend behind the name as you explore Duck Shit Oolong.  Sample five variations of Ya Shi Xiāng and learn how the characteristics of this tea are impacted by the seasons, elevation, and the cultivation areas around the Phoenix Mountains of China.  This class is limited to a maximum of six people; book now to reserve your seat.  Adults only.


Here is what to expect:

  • learn the lore behind the name
  • gongfu style cupping
  • sample varieties of Duck Sh*t Oolong
  • enjoy a peaceful environment


Make sure you have a light, non-spicy meal before you come. Do not wear perfume/cologne or lipstick, as these impede your ability to discern flavors.


Allow two hours.   Price is per person.   Due to costs for setup and supplies, we require payment at least 36 hours in advance.

Duck Shit/Ya Shi Xiāng Class

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    • This class is limited to a maximum of six people.
    • We are located in Dallas, TX (75229).
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