Tea production has expanded throughout the world. In this high-level presentation you will sip your way around the globe while enjoying loose-leaf specialty teas and learning about the major tea producing areas of the world.


Join us in a tranquil, relaxing environment as we embark on a tableside expedition to explore tea traditions. We will begin our journey with a Japanese Ceremonial Grade Matcha demonstration, then jaunt over to the Middle East for Georgia Rayna's Persian Chaii Recipe. We will learn how a Russian Samovar is used, and travel back in time to the Song Dynasty while enjoying a popular tisane of the era! And... we mustn't forget to visit Taiwan for our high-quality Formosa oolong, made by Farmer Chang.



  • Japan - Ceremonial Grade Matcha
  • Persia - Chaii
  • China - Chrysanthemum Tisane
  • Taiwan - Oolong


Price is per person.


Allow two hours

Before you book, please call us at 214-549-2383 to confirm availability of seats. We will require payment at least 36 hours in advance due to costs for setup and supplies.

Global Tea Explorations 2

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