This tea steeps to a golden liquor with subtle sweet, floral aromas.  A relaxing cup of tea: delicate and floral with roasted green notes and a smooth mouthfeel.  This fully oxidized oolong, grown at 2500’ elevation, was processed by Mr. Lin Rui Fu of Anxi County, Fujian, China.  The smooth mouthfeel comes from a unique all-night process that includes applying heat (shāqīng) during the coolest part of the night, then completing the process in the early morning hours.  The complexity of the liqour shines when it is prepared in the traditional gongfu cha style.  (Yield: approx. 19 servings per 2 oz.)


Ingredients: oolong tea

Huang Jin Gui (Roasted)

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  • Steeping Instructions

    Western Style: 1 rounded tsp. / 8 oz. water at 195° F for 3 minutes

    Gongfu Style: 6 grams per 6 oz. water at 195° F.  30-45 seconds each infusion  (initial 5-second rinse is optional)